Lubbock, TX

Facilitating strategic plans and market analyses for the long-term future of a region

Petra’s work with Covenant Hospital in Texas began through a planning effort with the Hospital’s executive and physician leadership team. The team’s goals focused on more effectively integrating medical services within the community as well as consolidating inefficient and redundant services. Petra first assessed the Hospital’s existing non-acute assets. Then, based upon a comprehensive market analysis, the Hospital’s sub markets were evaluated to determine whether to maintain, enhance, relocate, expand, consolidate, or build new space.


In parallel, the team created a facility development framework based on the three levels of non-acute service with criteria and templates. Through this effort, Petra developed an executable strategy to maintain and enhance five existing sites, to relocate another site, and to create seven additional sites with tailored medical services at specific locations within those sub markets. The study generated multiple clinic projects, which are targeted for completion by early 2015.