LeRoy King,

Assistant Vice President, Construction Operations

Northern Regions, Contracts & Audit

With over 25 years in construction and construction management, Le Roy has built a career around effective relationship-building, with strong Bay Area expertise in multiple healthcare facilities.


Le Roy has extensive OSHPD experience, and has developed a close working relationship with OSHPD since 1988 in various capacities across a significant variety of projects. As Project Superintendent, Project Manager, Project Executive, Regional Director, and AVP, Construction, Le Roy has grown long and successful relationships with both field inspectors (FLSO, ACO and DSE), as well as the Sacramento office.  He has demonstrated the ability to reach out to OSHPD to open dialogue when time-constrained projects or code evaluations require assessment.


Le Roy has also worked closely with hospital executive teams, CDPH with Title 22 requirements, and groups such as planning divisions, Waterways committee, Design Review Board, City Council, Board of Supervisors, Park & Recreation, BAAQMD and Re-development committees.