Laguna Beach, CA

Accomplishing the Seismic Challenge

Upon St. Joseph Health’s purchase of the Mission Hospital Laguna Beach campus, seven of the eight buildings were identified as seismically non-compliant. This condition required the Hospital to address the future of all seven non-complying buildings. Five of the buildings were rectified by a Hazus evaluation in order to achieve SPC-2 classification. The two remaining buildings, the Radiographic South and the Nursing Tower, were in need of seismic retrofitting. By implementing a comprehensive retrofit analysis, including the repair of walls and foundations, the Radiographic South building successfully earned SPC-2 status.


The Nursing Tower retrofit enabled the project team to create a hybrid approach to seismic compliance. Petra successfully encouraged the Hospital to voluntarily retrofit the tower through implementing fiber-wrapped polymers (FRP) to columns, wall, and brace frames. This strategy allowed the building’s vertical components to be retrofitted less expensively and invasively than a traditional retrofit. By doing so, the project team’s creative approach successfully minimized the scope of an otherwise disruptive seismic retrofit and enabled acute services within the community to be maintained throughout construction.