Interior Design and Space Planning

“People become more engaged when alternate choices of work environment are provided.” – Dawn Fredrick-Seibert, Director, Interior Design / Space Planning

Petra’s centralized team of interior designers and technicians develop and oversee the interior design planning for hospital sites and physician offices.  The team is responsible for space planning and renovation coordination with leadership at all client campuses, and assists the architectural teams in the development of space plans focused on operational efficiency.  Additionally, the Interior Design unit maintains hospital environmental and interiors standards for clinical and office space, and provide standards oversight within the design and construction phases of related projects.

Medical Equipment Planning

Petra is a client’s single point of coordination for capital equipment, including budgeting, planning and procurement

Through early programming and user input facilitation, the project scope and equipment lists develop. The process includes continuous review to reflect current technologies and operational considerations while remaining true to the established scope and program. New technologies are investigated to determine risks and benefits, life-cycles, and market impacts before being included in the design.


As construction progresses, Petra coordinates with the contractors to assure the spaces are appropriately provided with the necessary infrastructure, and the Petra-led equipment bid process ensures compliance with GPO contracts and other purchasing agreements to obtain best pricing.  The unit coordinates receipt, storage, delivery and installation of all equipment, as well as complete vendor coordination from beginning to end.


Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Planning

Helping to deliver positive outcomes in the building’s communications infrastructure

Petra’s Infrastructure Planning unit provides design development, budgets, and building infrastructure planning for IT and low-voltage systems.  Participation with project architects and engineers assures successful guidance in the design of

communications infrastructure during early phases of building design.  Planning includes the assessment of outside

communication plants for integration of existing and newly developed property.


Engineering and Energy Planning

“Energy savings is key for any hospital in search of greater operational efficiencies.” – Sam Lecharoen, Director, Energy & Engineering

Petra’s Engineering & Energy unit develops and implements physical plant policies and protocols related to equipment

selection, purchase and operation. Additionally, the unit is responsible for negotiation and contract implementation of de-regulated utilities at the hospitals.  Engineering and energy is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of energy saving programs and products.  As an added service, on-site support is provided to hospital engineering departments as requested

to manage either the department in a time of transition, or individual projects.


Digital Archival System

“Through becoming a hub of information and history for our clients, we are able to deliver greater value with every new project.” – Marc Whinnem, AVP Financial Controls

From centralizing construction documents and master floor plans to providing corporate and site Finance teams with necessary bond compliance and square footage allocation study data, Petra provides each client with an efficient archival process managed efficiently by a single point of support.