Who is Petra?

Petra Integrated Construction Strategies began as the in-house facilities, design and construction department for

St. Joseph Health System based in Orange, California. A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, architects and construction managers collaborated to create Petra, which remained the internal division of the health system for over a decade until becoming independent in 2011.


The Problem

Tremendous uncertainty and margin compression in healthcare is driving a need for an enterprise-wide solution-driven approach to facility capital planning, design, and construction.  Health services organizations are under pressure with fewer resources to effectively operate in an ever-changing environment that still rewards traditional market power while placing increasing responsibility on risk-based population management, all while consumers become more educated and cost-sensitive about care.


These environmental issues create a cloudy road map that leads to uncertainty and inaction beyond either cost cutting/consolidation on one extreme to mergers/affiliations on the other extreme in their attempt to manage the tension between those conflicting initiatives.  Further, operators of most health services organizations who were successful in the traditional model are not as well equipped with the necessary resources and tools to best position themselves to execute the new model.


Our Solution

In the ever-changing environment of health care, Petra has determined that a different approach to delivering facility, design and construction services is successfully measured by the ability to promote client self-reliance.


Petra leverages a diversity of experience to provide strategic direction, operational savings, capital program

management, facility master planning, and design and construction management to a full spectrum of healthcare providers – from physician groups and independent hospitals to multi-facility health systems.


The Innovation Institute

Petra-ICS is a subsidiary of the Innovation Institute, LLC. The Innovation Institute is a collaborative of seven non-profit health system owner-members focused on innovation and growth for the healthcare industry.


The Institute is structured as an independent, for-profit LLC composed of three distinct elements: the Innovation Lab, the Enterprise Development Group, and the Growth Fund. To cultivate innovative solutions in collaboration with others, the Innovation Institute’s mission is to transform healthcare by doing more, with less, for more people.